Hello, my name is Abraham Dio Suharli. I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently, I am a junior in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign pursuing a B.S. in Statistics and Computer Science.

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Personal Website

You are currently looking at the result of my latest project, which is a personal website. Although it looks to be very simple and 'buggy' compared to others, I denote it as my major accomplishment. I started my programming experience from Pascal in my freshman year at high school and carrying on to C++ and Java. Since then, I never learned any programming languages until my junior year in college. What you're seeing now is accomplished within a few weeks' worth of studying both HTML and CSS, with a little bit Javascript along the side.

Parallax Effect

I have seen a few websites with this scrolling effect and found them unique and catchy. I observed that these kinds of sites attract more people as compared to static pages that we used to see in the past. Without further ado, I learned this material and applied it to my About Me page. However, I am still using an open source resource for this effect to brought to life on my website (thanks to Skrollr). Through this experience, I increase both my CSS and HTML skill to the intermediate level. In the future, I am looking forward implementing the parallax effect using my own code.

OOP Project

[Will update soon]

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